Strange Ideas

I have interests I want to share and I don't know where they should go. I put them here. Click on a headline to expand.

I Paint When I Can

This is a paiting of the Vermont countryside.

This is the painting that gave me confidence to try portraits. Though it's a bit cartoon-ey, the shading isn't bad -- it gave me confidence.

These are balloons, ya goof!

A covered bridge inspired by Woodstock, Vermont.

The very first intact sand dollar I ever got from the ocean.

A narrow passaegway in Secret Canyon, Arizona.

A large old, solitary oak tree. This was painted for my mother.

A corny painting, yes. But this took the longest to complete. I felt a lot of pressure to do this justice as it was a gift to my then-girlfriend. Her comment was that she didn't like her teeth. Yeah, they could have been better.

Started as an imitation of an album cover I liked, this one took on new life after years of existence. The finished product came out much better than I'd hoped. I often think of knowledge, as in the light source the hand points to represents awareness, insight.

Another painting that has changed over the years. This is my first attempt at painting ocean waves. I particularly like the sky gradient.

This is an important one. I was commissioned to paint my sister's dog soon after she passed away. This is a tribute to Sadie.

My niece, Hallie.

A technical challenge, this painting was intense for me. I was asked to produce this for my ex's best friend. It took 20 hours and is one I'm most proud of.