What is this Site About, Anyway?

Jef DeWitt Jef DeWitt Follow Nov 22, 2021 · 1 min read
What is this Site About, Anyway? Photo by https://unsplash.com/@emilymorter
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I am a software engineer, a mental health advocate, and an imperfectionist.

I came about my career in software late in life. It was an uphill battle, and a good one. I struggled a lot. I still write imperfect code. But I champion those things now as they are the biggest contributors to my success. You don’t get strong from going to the gym and only doing what’s comfortable. You have to push yourself.

The pursuit of perfection is a nice sounding aspiration. But it’s also so lofty it invites discouragement. I strive to get better every day. And I usually do. I don’t make the same mistakes I used to make but I still make mistakes. And thankfully so. How else can you learn?

Put It Out There

I created this site to share observations about the intersection of my personal and professional journeys. For me, they are not separate entities.

After years of therapy and sobriety, I’m a passionate mental health advocate. I work hard at those things. They’ve taken a lifetime to develop and strengthen.

What’s become clear is that hiding my battle with addiction and my struggles with mental health had implications beyond my home life. It negatively affected my confidence, my career, and my relationships.

Now, I’m owning my unsavory bits. I’m writing about my struggles. I’m writing about the lessons I learned. And I’m writing about the skills I gained that map well to achievement to encourage others.

Jef DeWitt
Written by Jef DeWitt