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Two Thoughts On Time

Jef DeWitt Jef DeWitt Follow Apr 20, 2022 · 1 min read
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In one of the lowest periods of my struggle with addiction, I wondered two things.

  1. Why did I spend so much time doing things I really didn’t want to be doing?

  2. Why did I spend so much time with people I really didn’t want to be with?

Time is the real currency in life. That’s why time is “spent”. Who we spend our time with and what we spend our time doing says a lot about what we value.

How many of us have lost ourselves trying to make an unworkable relationship work? Or worked 60-hour weeks trying to get promoted doing work we don’t enjoy? In time, what we once felt were purposeful and worthy pursuits are sometimes proven misguided or fruitless endeavors.

Ask yourself, “Is this what I want or need to be doing with my time”? “Is this worth the time and life energy I’m trading for it”? Or my favorite, “Is the juice worth the squeeze”?

At times, we must all do things we don’t enjoy; to meet our obligations, pay the bills, etc. But more often, we take for granted the agency we have in our lives and accept less than what we want or need.

You have an incredible capacity to affect change. And you have the most valuable resource there is; time.

Jef DeWitt
Written by Jef DeWitt